I am the mother of the child whose disclosures Nathaniel Harris’s disclosures are based upon. Everything he has written there is the truth. There is a paedophile ring operating within the Pagan / occult community, with a particular concentration in the West Country where we have already seen 7 successful prosecutions, with many others remaining at large.

These things I need to say are difficult because they were told to me in confidence by an amazingly strong and brilliant human being who I miss very much – and fear for their safety every day.

My child told me they had been abused by their biological father and other people from an early age.. mostly from when I left the father to be with Nathaniel in 2003.

My ex-partner threatened our lives, saying he had put a contract out on us, and with the contacts he has I didn’t doubt it. He involved Colin Batley and gave over our son for sexual exploitation by the cult.

Nathaniel and I get on with the lives we have now but our minds relive the horror of the disclosures my child made to us.

I shall be adding more information to this blog over time. It is an unspeakably painful task to undertake. However with the current libel and slander that Nathaniel is enduring it has become necessary for me to speak up. This situation has been created by the abusers of my son in their desperate attempts to keep their pathetic cruelty hidden.

Most recently Peter J. Carroll has been spreading the vilest lies imaginable in a vain attempt to discredit Nathaniel. This is because Mr. Carroll knows full well that members of his fan club, the Illuminates of Thanateros, were involved in the sadistic abuse of my son.


One thought on “Occult Paedophile Ring – The Truth

  1. As a survivor and as someone who has researched these sadistic paedophile, perverted sex criminal rings I know this is true. I recognise some of the people named above from the photos as abusers, furthermore some have the same family name as someone who abused me in the ring. The perpetrators use brainwashing and torture against their victims to silence, terrify and control the victims.
    The victims are both adults and children who are also subjected to spiritual abuse too. This involves the abusers mimicking all paths and faiths including Satanism and Paganism. As Christianity and other theistic faiths are used the Monotheistic devil is a particularly favourite terror tactic along with ghosts.

    The perpetrators come from all walks of life and many different faiths. The faiths are used as a smoke screen to mask the crimes and induce further terror and control. This also has the added bonus for abusers of rendering disclosures as difficult to believe and therefore dismissed. This means all paths feel unsafe for those exiting the cult.

    The cult is a small minority of our population but they strategically position their people in all walks of life. Some are so called “respectable upper middle class church attenders as well as occultists. These abusers hide behind the skirts of any path with little regard for any of the teaching of the faiths whether it be Satanism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Paganism or Hindu.

    It is the moral duty of everyone to weed these bastards out. Faith leaders must also support the community with this.

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